Welcome Adventurer’s!

The year is 3045, the world has made some astonishing advances sense the old age.
Magic was able to be controlled and created into energy, this energy is now used to power all the advancements of the new world.

Every creature in the civilized world knows, uses, lives and breaths technology from bionic eyes to limbs, or full blown androids. Every person of any race, size or profession has technology in them if you do not have any of those, you are generally considered lower class and are exiled from the new world or at the very least looked down upon.

All of the main cities are controlled by C.E.L.L one of the greatest organization on the whole galaxy, known to be the first to discover the true power of magic, thus making them the most powerful organization in the universe.
C.E.L.L controls almost all of the planet they reside in and “own” parts of the galaxy.
Every creature in the new world (which C.E.L.L controls) has a special identification chip in a vital part of their bodies (usually their brain) that the organization uses to control crime rates in their cities.
It keeps track of you, the thoughts you have, if you committed a crime etc.
It is basically who you are and the ONLY way you are able to stay in their cities is if you have one.
Once you do not have a chip they have a way of sensing that you are off the grid and you will be arrested immediately, but those who have the chip aren’t aware of the fact that they are being monitored so closely, but all they know is they will never oppose C.E.L.L as long as they have it.

This is the new perfect world.
You are wondering through the main cities living you’re lives, but that will soon change in time. What will you do to change the future?

Welcome To The Future

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